Lincoln Laser Company has a staff of engineers that cover all of the engineering disciplines required to design state of the art laser scanning systems. We have designed systems for medical imaging, film inspection, laser marking, microscopic inspection, plate making, label printing, large scale metrology, pwb inspection,fiber laser delivery and many more.

Our staff has the expertise, based on 40+ years of experience designing laser scanning systems, to transform your conceptual design to reality. We also work closely with our manufacturing department to ensure that the systems we design are manufacturable at the lowest possible cost.

Design Review

We have the laser scanning system design experience to review your design efforts even if we are not providing any scanning components. We can work with your design engineers to ensure that the scanner will perform well in your application, meeting or exceeding your specifications, and determine if potential cost reduction opportunities exist. If requested we can also offer the service of attending design reviews to assist with eliminating potential issues before they occur.

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