Does Lincoln Laser manufacture or sell lasers?

Lincoln Laser does not manufacture or sell stand-alone lasers. Lincoln Laser is a leading engineering design and manufacturing company for laser scanners and laser beam delivery systems used for the precision movement of laser beams. However, the company may use its expertise and experience with lasers to recommend and even procure lasers for its customers, but only as part of a scanner or systems order.

What applications are polygonal scanners used for?

Controlled movement of laser beams. Some examples: high end laser printers, graphic arts, medical images, automatic optical inspection, laser projection, bar code readers, IR imaging, FLIR systems, laser marking, microfilm imaging, and drum scanning to name a few.

Why use Lincoln Laser Company polygonal scanners?

Because of our low costs, high quality, over 30 years of experience and exceptional customer service. Our capabilities include continuous, linear, and high speed scanning using diamond machined or conventionally polished polygon optics.

What type of optical mirror surfaces does Lincoln Laser Company manufacture?

Diamond machined or conventionally polished, flat surfaces.

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