Line Speed Calculator

To provide our valuable customers with as much readily available information in selecting the optimal scanning solution for your specific application, we offer this easy to use tool. Whether your application requires printing, marking, reading, engraving, ablation, cutting or some other task, we believe you will find this calculator useful in defining wavelength, line characteristics and the laser as well as type of scanner.

Simply enter the information requested and we will promptly email you the following results, indicating whether a galvo, polygon or combined scan head would be best suited to your laser beam delivery needs based on maximum recommended line speed, linear scan rate, parts per minute and the laser rep rate. Based on the laser rep rate, any rates under 2khz would typically be best suited for a galvanometer whereas any rates over that number would be best suited for polygons.

Please include your target image and our optical engineering team will provide a more detailed review of your project.

Line Speed Information

Material to be marked
Marking time (time required to mark each sample) 1000 milliseconds [ms] equals 1 second
Product pitch (see graphic)
Length of mark / code in movement direction (see graphic)
Width of mark / code in movement direction (see graphic)
Laser wavelength (if known)
Dots per inch
Image to be marked (Vector, jpg, gif, tif, or bmp format)

General Information

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