Motor Controllers

Available in Analog and Digital versions

Our motor controllers can be configured to operate at 4 preset speeds (more for the digital) or infinitely variable speeds ranging from 0 to 55,000 RPM.

Our motor controllers have been specifically designed to optimize the performance of our polygonal scanners. We will work within your requirements to select the best option available for your application.

The digital controller can be set up to operate with TTL signal inputs and outputs like the analog controllers.

It can also be set up to accept commands through either serial or ethernet connections. Contact Lincoln Laser to discuss your application.

  Analog Controllers Digital Controller
BMC-3.4 BMC-7 P1 (AB) P1 (BB) DMC-30012
Control Inputs
Scanner Enable Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Speed Reference Frequency Yes Yes Yes Yes No (not necessary)
Speed Select Yes Yes No No Yes
Supply Voltage (Min/Max) * 15/30V 15/60V 10/26V 10/26V 20/80V
Supply Current (Max) * 4 Amps 9 Amps 2 Amps 2 Amps 15 Amps
Facet Feedback Yes Yes No No Yes
Control Outputs
Motor @sync Signal Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Single pulse per rev. Yes (4 Pole Motor Only) Yes (4 Pole Motor Only) No No Yes (from encoder)
Drive Type Current Current/Voltage Voltage "Frequency to Voltage" Current
Speed Range ** 700-55K RPM 300-55K RPM 12K-30K RPM 1K-10K RPM 0-30K RPM
Speed Stability *** < 0.01% < 0.01% < 0.02% < 1.0% < 0.03%
Continuous Motor Current (Max) 2.5 Amps 6.0 Amps 1.5 Amps 1.5 Amps 10 Amps
Encoder Compatible Yes Yes No No Yes (necessary)

* Application specific voltage and current are speed and load dependant.
** Application specific speed ranges are load dependant.
*** Application specific stability is speed and load dependant.

Download a Controller Manual

BMC-3.4 manual
BMC-7 manual
P1-AB manual
P1-BB manual

Legacy Controller Manuals

MC-5 manual
MC-7 manual
BMC-3 manual
BMC-3.1 manual
BMC-3.4.1 manual


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