LLC Part Number Description

This note is a breakdown of the various parts listed in a Lincoln Laser Company part description. A typical part description for a part or assembly at Lincoln Laser Company could be something as follows:


The first set of letters indicates the type of part

  • MPA stands for Motorizes Polygon Assembly, and indicates a polygon mounted on a motor
  • MIR or MIRROR would be a polygon only
  • ASSEMBLY could be a board or custom assembly with various parts

The next letters indicate the style of polygon that is being made

  • DT - Diamond turned
  • PO - Conventionally polished
  • PY - Pyramid polygon, where the facet normal is not 90 degrees to the rotation axis
  • TRNC - a 1- or 2- sided mirror

The following number scheme is then shown: FF-DDD-TTT

  • FF is the facet count. Usually 2 digits, but can be 3 if more than 99 facets are needed
  • DDD indicates the polygon inscribed diameter in 0.01”, i.e. -255 is for a 2.55" diameter polygon.
  • TTT indicates the facet thickness in 0.01”, i.e. -025 is for a 0.25" thick polygon.

The 'A's following the polygon size indicate the quality of the polygon

GradeFacet to DatumAdjacent FacetsFlatness over CA
A 40 Sec Total 20 Sec Total 1/4 λ @ 633nm
AA 10 Sec Total 5 Sec Total 1/8 λ @ 633nm
AAA 6 Sec Total 3 Sec Total 1/8 λ @ 633nm

The coating type is indicated next, with a # and an alphanumeric code. i.e. #01B, #03, #16, etc.
A coating curve can be requested for the coating at the target wavelength

The motor type is listed next after the /, and can be a range of types or a custom type. E.G. P1BB, SA34, SB12C, XLOB, XLIM, etc.

If an encoder is to be installed by LLC, a -ENC may be present in the description

For example, the description listed as shown here would be interpreted as follows:


Motorized Polygon Assembly
Diamond Turned
20 facets
1.81" diameter
0.39" thick
A Grade
#03 Coating
P1BB motor

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