Polygonal Scanners

Superior scan rates, accuracy and repeatability

Our standard Air Bearing and Ball Bearing Polygonal Scanners offer scan rates exceeding 100KHz. We have SOS scanners and RTA scanners available for quick delivery. The polygonal scanners listed below are our most common high precision scanner motors. Custom scanners are available on request.

Aerodynamic Air Bearing Designs

Ideally suited for polygonal mirrors weighing less than 120 grams - with speed ranges of 6,000 - 55,000 rpm. MTBF exceeds 20,000 hours. These scanners do not require an external air supply.

Aerostatic Air Bearing Designs

Ideally suited for high performance applications requiring the ultimate in dynamic track and speed stability. These scanners operate at speeds ranging from 0 to 30,000 rpm.

Ball Bearing Designs

Specified for larger polygonal mirrors or applications which require low speeds. Analog controllers paired with these scanners go down to 300 rpm and digital controllers go down to 0 rpm.

We manufacture standard model types and will customize the mirror and stator to optimize the scanner for a customer's application. The chart below is only a guide for the user to select possible scanner solutions. Our sales engineers will guide you through the selection process to ensure you have the best scanner for the application. We will also manufacture full custom units for unique applications. We have custom designs for mirrors ranging from 1 inch to 14 inch diameter. Velocity stability and jitter down to 0.01% for all scanners is speed and load dependent.

   Download Lincoln Laser's Polygon High Speed Scanning Tech Paper.

Model Speed* (RPM) Mirror Size Thick x Dia.
(Max Inches)
Bearing Type Dynamic Track**
(Arc Sec)
Housing Design Encoder Option
PHCAB <30k 1.00 X 5.00 Aerostatic ≤10 Cantilever Yes
SA24 8k - 55k 0.40 X 3.00 Aerodynamic ≤60 Captured No
SA24C 6k - 24k 0.40 X 3.00 Aerodynamic ≤20 Cantilever No
P1AB 10k - 28k 0.30 X 1.80 Aerodynamic ≤60 Cantilever No
SB5C <15k 1.00 X 3.00 Ball ≤10 Cantilever Yes
LB5-5 <5k 1.25 X 5.00 Ball ≤20 Captured Yes
LB5-6 <5k 1.25 X 6.00 Ball ≤20 Captured Yes
LB5-6.5 <5k 1.25 X 6.50 Ball ≤20 Captured Yes
LB5C <5k 1.25 X 3.27 Ball ≤60 Cantilever Yes
P1BB <10k 1.00 X 3.00 Ball ≤60 Cantilever Yes
LB12-5 <12k 1.25 X 5.00 Ball ≤20 Captured Yes
LB12-6 <12k 1.25 X 6.00 Ball ≤20 Captured Yes
LB12-6.5 <12k 1.25 X 6.50 Ball ≤20 Captured Yes
LB12C <12k 1.25 X 3.27 Ball ≤60 Cantilever Yes
LB34 <34k 0.75 X 2.84 Ball =20 Captured Yes

* Dependent on controller and optic attributes including size and number of facets
** Maximum Angular Error (Mechanical) - Tighter track available for custom units

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