Lincoln Laser now offers low-cost, small batch, deep Cryogenic Material Processing Services.

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February 02, 2000

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Beverly Walters
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Phoenix-based Lincoln Laser introduces "state of the art" Deep Cryogenic Processing to its list of capabilities and services. An environmentally safe process with no use or release of harmful chemicals. Cryogenic processing is not a substitute for heat treating but rather compliments the heating and quenching process resulting in a material with a denser molecular structure, a larger contact area and therefore reducing friction and wear and improving the materials mechanical properties. A wide variety of materials can be processed, including tool steels, non-ferrous alloys, polymers, ceramics and others.

Now used in our own manufacturing processes for increased wear and corrosion resistance, improved dimensional stability, greater strength and toughness, little or no increase in hardness, more uniform hardness and stress relief. We are now offering these services to a wide variety of industries such as; machine shops, metal stamping, metal forging, Aerospace, oil and gas drilling, welding, printing, mining, agriculture, logging, racing, textile manufacturing, medical and dental tools and most types of manufacturing.

Some of the most common applications for deep cryogenic processing are:

  • o Cutting Tools
  • o Wear Parts
  • o Castings (stress relief)
  • o Plastics and Polymers
  • o Engine Components
  • o Gun Barrels and Knife Blades
  • o Molds and Dies
  • o Electronics

Lincoln Laser, a subsidiary of Westwind Air Bearings Limited, is a manufacturer of precision polygon mirrors, high-speed motors and standard motor controllers used for laser scanning applications. In addition, Lincoln also has the capability to custom-build electro-optics modules combining its components with laser optics, modulators, and other electronic devices. The year 2000, marks 25 quality years of service and products by Lincoln Laser to a global clientele.


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