New Ownership of Lincoln Laser

For Immediate Release 
January 12, 2001

For More Information Contact 
Beverly A. Walters
602-257-0407 ext: 3310

A new ownership of Phoenix based Lincoln Laser was announced on December 30, 2000. After a three-year relationship with Westwind Air Bearings Ltd., Lincoln Laser was purchased by the officers of Lincoln Laser. The management team is extremely excited with the new ownership of the company. Robert Nehrbas Jr., General Manager will manage the 100-employee company with Randy Sherman as President, Glenn Stutz, Vice President &Technical Director and Bob Lemancik, Vice President of Finance & Administration. Robert Nehrbas Jr. comments: "We look forward to the opportunity of increasing our business by expanding laser scanning technology into new markets with continued support to our employees for providing our customers with quality products, services and support beyond comparison. Our customers and employees are the two greatest assets of our company."

Lincoln Laser, is a manufacturer of precision polygon mirrors, high-speed motors and standard motor controllers used for laser scanning applications. In addition, Lincoln has the capability to custom-build electro-optic modules combining its components with lasers, optics, modulators, and other electronic devices to meet the demands of specific applications for our customers. The year 2000 marked 25 years as a mainstay supplier to many of the world's premier manufacturers of laser printers and reprographic equipment.

The Lincoln Laser management team, supported by the employees, will continue their commitments to manufacturing quality products, services and design. Glenn Stutz comments "Our future remains focused on expanding the applications for laser scanning technology. We will strive to make the technology more accessible to new users by offering subsystem design and manufacture that leverages on our extensive experience. This will enable new users to work with our products at a higher level of integration rather than only the component level."

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