New Officers at Lincoln Laser Company

For Immediate Release 
December 13, 2001

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Beverly A. Walters
Sales Administrator
602-257-0407 ext: 3310

At the Board of Directors meeting held today, it was announced that Randy J. Sherman, President of Lincoln Laser Company and David R. Hood, Vice President of Manufacturing would be retiring from the company as of December 31, 2001. Mr. Sherman was a co-founder of the company and has been the President of Lincoln Laser since it’s inception on January 13, 1975. Mr. Hood came to Lincoln Laser five years ago from Anacomp Corp. and has done an excellent job during his tenure. After a unanimous vote, the Board of Directors then appointed Robert S Nehrbas, Jr., President, Glenn E. Stutz, Vice President Operations and Robert J. Lemancik, Vice President of Finance & Administration. The three man executive team are also members of the board and investors in the corporation.

Lincoln Laser continues to lead the industry in the manufacturer of precision polygon mirrors, high-speed motors and standard motor controllers. Additionally, Lincoln Laser has the capability to custom-build electro-optic modules and has assisted many companies over the last year in designing and developing state-of –the-art components used in laser scanning applications. For the last 26 years, Lincoln Laser has been the primary supplier to many of the world's premier manufacturers of laser printers, reprographic equipment and medical imaging devices.

Rob Nehrbas, the newly elected President, stated “ Although the new leadership will chart a course for growth and prosperity, Lincoln Laser will maintain the foundation of business ethics and concern for people established by our predecessors. There are many opportunities for our products, capabilities and services in new markets and applications. We are not going to stand idly by and wait for the economy to turn around but rather advance the company in 2002 by conquering the challenges ahead in the quest of our goals.”

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