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February 14, 2002

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Beverly Walters
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Polygon Motor Assembly Model M-660-010-LVWOB


The low cost model M-660-010-LVWOB is designed and manufactured specifically for high volume precision laser scanning applications. Available "off the shelf" with #8-32 UNC thread or M4 x .07 metric mounting threads. Precision high speed instrument bearings and a dynamically balanced polygon rotor assembly assure a trouble free service life in excess of 10,000 hours. A two piece closed slot stator eliminates eddy current drag on the rotor, providing cool running at high speeds. Facet to rotational axis dynamic accuracy is better than +/-30 arc seconds at all speeds.

8 Facets on a 2.36in. (59.9mm) inscribed circle diameter.
Facet height .197in.(5mm). Facet to facet angle 45° +/-30 arcseconds.
Facet clear aperture .968in. (24.6mm) X. 187in. (4.7mm). Flatness ¼ wave @ 589.0nm. Reflectivity 88% @ 632.8nm. Scratch and Dig 60/40.

AC Hysteresis Synchronous.
2 phase, 2 pole.
Speed range, 3,000 to 15,000 RPM.
Power Factor @ 9,000 RPM, .55.
Inductance, 4 mHy. Temperature rise, 5°C (10°F). Time to sync, less than 30 seconds.
Housing, black anodized die cast aluminum.
Weight, 23.5 oz (665 grams). Inertia (rotor, hub, polygon) 630 gm cm2.

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