Local Engineer Makes Global Technical Contribution

For Immediate Release 
October 21, 2004

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Beverly A. Walters
Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Phoenix, AZ. local engineer, Glenn Stutz, VP of Operations at Lincoln Laser Company was selected to be one of the 27 globally recognized authorities to contribute to the Handbook of Optical and Laser Scanning, July 2004 Edition. Glenn contributed the chapter, “Polygonal Scanners: Components, Performance, and Design.” Gerald F. Marshall, consultant in optics, edited the handbook, which is published by Marcel Dekker, Inc. New York, NY.

The publisher states, “The Handbook of Optical and Laser Scanning discloses the fundamentals of controlling light beam deflection, factors in image fidelity and quality, and the newest technological developments currently impacting scanner system design and applications. This practical reference features authoritative yet accessible writing, hundreds of supporting illustrations, and a logical chapter organization to expand sound scientific and technical understanding of today's principal scanning systems." Contributions from 27 subject authorities from the United States, Europe, and Asia afford a range of perspectives, as well as global coverage of optical and laser beam scanning.

“Glenn is very knowledgeable in the field of laser scanning and is well respected in the optics community,” as stated by Robert Nehrbas Jr., President of Lincoln Laser Company. Glenn’s background includes 20 years experience in optical engineering, 16 years of which has been with Lincoln Laser Company. Glenn received his Bachelor of Science in optics from the University of Rochester and his Masters of Science in optical sciences from the University of Arizona. In addition, Glenn has an MBA from Arizona State University.

Lincoln Laser is a Phoenix based company, which is a manufacturer and supplier of precision polygonal mirrors, optics, high-speed motors, and standard motor controllers used for laser scanning applications. Also, Lincoln Laser has the capability to custom-build electro-optic modules combining scanning components with lasers, optics, modulators, and other electronic devices. Applications for these products include; Barcode, Industrial Inspection, IR Imaging, Laser Graphics, Laser Printers, Medical, Military, Research Lab, Robotic Vision, Laser Marking, Laser Projection, Hi-speed Cameras, and Laser Q-switching.

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