Flat Mirrors

For Immediate Release 
January 01, 2005

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Beverly Walters
Corporate Account Manager

In order to better serve our valued customers, Lincoln Laser has expanded its product line. We now offer Flat Mirrors in round and square configurations. Our aluminum substrate mirrors are available in 1in and 2in diameter with a large variety of enhanced aluminum and gold coatings. All our flat mirrors have 3 holes tapped in the back for easy mounting.

Applications: Engraving and Cutting


  • * Better surface quality
  • * Custom configurations available
  • * Better performance in shortwave length applications
  • * Excellent thermal transfer characteristics

Lincoln Laser is a Phoenix based company, which is a manufacturer and supplier of precision polygonal mirrors, optics, high-speed motors, and standard motor controllers used for laser scanning applications. Also, Lincoln Laser has the capability to custom-build electro-optic modules combining scanning components with lasers, optics, modulators, and other electronic devices. Applications for these products include; Barcode, Industrial Inspection, IR Imaging, Laser Graphics, Laser Printers, Medical, Military, Research Lab, Robotic Vision, Laser Marking, Laser Projection, Hi-speed Cameras, and Laser Q-switching.

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