Lincoln Laser Family of RTA Polygonal Scanners now available for quick shipment!

For Immediate Release 
July 15, 2009

For More Information Contact 
George Helser
Regional Sales Manager - USA/Asia 

Lincoln Laser announces its new Family of RTA Polygonal Scanners available for quick shipment! Choose the scan rate and facet count your application requires from a selection of standard precision motors and polygonal mirrors that are in stock and Ready To Assemble. Get a laser scanner tailored to your needs with short lead-time and no custom engineering or tooling charges. 

You may select a precision ball bearing motor for operation from 500 to 12,000 RPM or a self-generating air bearing motor for operation from 10,000 to 55,000 RPM. Polygonal mirrors are stocked in standard sizes from 18 to 90 facets. This family of mirrors and motors cover scan rates from 150 Hz to 85 KHz! Standard mirror coatings are for Infrared lasers. For a moderate extra cost and longer lead-time, users can specify a custom mirror for these motors and associated controllers.

Since 1975, Lincoln Laser Company has been the leading manufacturer of polygonal laser scanners for applications including: Agricultural, Bio-medical, Material Processing, Medical, Metrology, Printing, Process Control, Scanning, Terrain Mapping, and other precision laser beam delivery requirements.

Lincoln Laser has designed more than 2000 different models of polygonal laser scanners tailored to a wide variety of applications. Lincoln Laser will continue to offer custom polygonal scanners but the RTA Polygonal Scanners now available for quick shipment will satisfy users who do not require custom scanners as well as, developers who will eventually require custom for volume production but need something almost ‘off the shelf’ for proof of concept and prototype development.

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