Scan Heads

We offer scan heads using several technologies. These include X-Y Galvanometer Scan Heads, Polygonal Scan Heads and Polygon/Galvo Scan Heads. Galvanometer scan heads use an X-Y galvo pair and are very versatile and can scan in a vector or raster format. The scan angle is variable which allows a variable size scan field.
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Polygonal Scanners

Our standard Air Bearing and Ball Bearing Polygonal Scanners offer scan rates exceeding 100KHz. We have SOS scanners and RTA scanners available for quick delivery. The polygonal scanners listed below are our most common high precision scanner motors. Custom scanners are available on request.
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Optical Modules

We can design from scratch or build to print… whatever best fits our customer’s needs. Our contract manufacturing experience has evolved us into a Subject Matter Expert for the production of complex optical sub-systems.
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Polygonal Mirrors

We offer Diamond machined polygonal mirrors manufactured from 5052 and 6061 aluminum alloys as well as copper, and conventionally polished polygonal mirrors for applications where low scatter is critical such as film or UV scanning applications.
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