Scan Heads

We offer scan heads using several technologies.  These include X-Y Galvanometer Scan Heads, Polygonal Scan Heads and Polygon/Galvo Scan Heads.  Galvanometer scan heads use an X-Y galvo pair and are very versatile and can scan in a vector or raster format.  The scan angle is variable, which allows a variable size scan field.

Polygonal scan heads produce a line scan and the scan angle is fixed.  The major benefit of a polygonal scan head is it can be 100 times faster than a galvo scan head.  Since printing and imaging require very fast scan rates polygonal scan heads are used in laser printers.  With more powerful and faster lasers being used in material processing, often times, galvo scan heads are not fast enough.  The fastest galvos scan at the speed of a very slow polygon, so there is a huge potential for speed increase with a polygonal scanner.

Polygonal Scan Heads

We have been designing and manufacturing polygonal scan heads for over 40 years.  The knowledge we have gained is applied to new custom designs to meet individual customer needs.  This product is used in raster scanning applications where it provides the fast scan axis and may be operated in conjunction with a moving stage or conveyor to produce the second slow axis.



Download hyperSCAN datasheet

We are launching a new polygon/galvo combined technology scan head. This unique device works well with the new high rep rate lasers available for material processing. The polygon provides the fast X-axis scan. The galvo provides the slower Y-axis scan.

Lincoln Laser heralds the release of hyperSCAN™, offering the accuracy of a traditional Galvo scan head at the speeds of a Polygon. The hyperSCAN™ scan head was developed for ultrafast PS & FS lasers used in material processing at scanning speeds of up to 200 m/s.  With Polygon line scanning and slow axis indexing along with conventional raster-based data input, hyperSCAN™ sets a new industry standard for speed and accuracy.

Polygon/Galvo Scan Head


Download Polytek Datasheet

Variable Configuration for high power applications.

The new product release of the POLYtek™ high-speed scan head has provided the industry with yet another innovative product from Lincoln Laser engineered for high-end performance at a competitive price.  With scan rates up to 300 m/s, this polygon line scanner outpaces other scanheads on the market. Users can input their image in a vector format similar to current galvo based x-y heads. Internal software converts the vector input into a raster data stream for the system. An optional galvanometer provides for optimal scan positioning flexibility with faster motion.



Galvanometer Scan Heads

With our broad line of galvanometers, we can package either framed or frameless custom scan heads to meet your needs.

Galvanometer Scan Head 

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